When you look at Matt's experience and ESTABLISHED  voting record, 

there is NO other choice. Let's send Matt Barton to Atlanta!

The Platform

Serving The Community


Matt Barton will represent ALL the people of the 5th District in a fair and honest manner. Matt's record as School Board member and City Councilman can be easily verified. He votes for less government, lower taxes and letting our law enforcement agencies do their job.

Father-Husband-Small Business Owner


Matt Barton is invested in our community. Matt has two daughters.Matt's wife Lynne is a teacher as was his mother. Matt is a small business owner that works everyday. 

Matt will represent ALL the District.


Matt needs YOUR help. In addition to your vote, he needs you to spread the word and ask friends and family to vote for Matt Barton. Others may hire outsiders, spend thousands of dollars on this election. Matt will not. Matt is knocking on doors, shaking hands and WORKING for your vote. 


Where Does Matt Stand?

These are some issues important to Matt and hopefully you as well:

  1. EDUCATION- Matt believes local citizens, through their elected Boards of Education, know what is best for their communities. Matt's wife Lynne is a teacher. She has been in the classroom for 27 years. Matt's mother Anne taught in the Gordon County system for 34 years. Matt's first elected office was the Calhoun City School Board. He will be an advocate for our children AND our teachers in Atlanta. Matt would seek TEACHER input on legislation. We have some of the best teachers in the country. We need to ask THEM what they need and get out of the way and let them TEACH. 
  2. HEALTHCARE- Our healthcare system as well our insurance system, MUST be addressed. Matt would work closely with incoming Gov. Kemp and Lt. Gov Duncan to ensure all Georgia's citizens have access to healthcare facilities. He would also work to ensure people with pre existing conditions were allowed to have access to insurance at an affordable rate.
  3. SMALL BUSINESS- Small business is the backbone of our economy. Matt has maintained a small, family business for many years. He will work to expand and improve opportunities for Georgia's small business owners. 
  4. 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS- Matt believes it is our Constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms. On this there can be no compromise.
  5. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY- Our country was established on the issue of religious freedom. As those who seek to curb these freedoms speak with louder voices, we must stand ready to defend those freedoms. Matt will be ready to defend these freedoms at every turn.
  6. IMMIGRATION- We are a country of laws. Matt welcomes all who follow the path of our forefathers and follow those laws to come to our country in an orderly and LEGAL way. Our borders must be protected, respected and enforced. If we fail to do this, we have no country.
  7. LAW ENFORCEMENT- We are facing a crisis in our state. Opioids and Meth are taking a tremendous toll on our communities. Matt will fight to give our LEA's the weapons and means to fight this plague on every front. There is hardly a family that has not been touched by this menace. Matt also believes as Christians, we should offer help and a pathway to those who want to get away from this affliction. We must be strong, but compassionate.
  8. FAMILY VALUES- Matt believes we need to work in our communities to strengthen our core family values. Reinforce the positive aspects of family from the top of government down.
  9. VOTING RECORD- Matt is the ONLY one in this race with a verifiable voting record. He has consistently voted to save taxes keep government small.  It is there to see.
  10. PARTY AFFILIATION- Matt is a conservative Republican. No question about it. Matt has NEVER been part of another party or supported parts of another party's platform. Matt's core beliefs leave no room for compromise. We CANNOT send someone to Atlanta that may waiver. The risk is too high and too much is at stake!
  11. Farmers- Matt Barton will stand with our farmers. They are vital to the local economy.

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These Issues are just some of the things Matt feels are important to him and the citizens of Gordon and Murray Counties. We hope you agree!

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Can you put up a yard sign? Host a meet and greet? Call 10 friends and ask them to 'VOTE FOR MATT"? Any and all help would be appreciated!